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What we do

Seafood is in increasing short supply, with overfishing and supply chain waste causing depletion of global seafood stocks. According to research by, 57% seafood spoils between catch and service and is completely avoidable. The environmental impact is not always obvious: trawlers are overfishing to account for demand, incorporating spoilage into their quotas. By reducing spoilage, we have the potential to prevent overfishing. It also creates carbon emissions and reduces producer profitability.



Qtrace has an early working prototype informed by feedback from real seafood buyers, to inform ongoing development. 


In this project Qtrace will develop a data-driven quality control tool to streamline quality checks to industry standards. The outcome of this phase of development is a software platform for on-demand reporting and sustainability monitoring.


We are developing a highly integrated solution for implementing sustainability in cold chain logistics. Qtrace is a 3-in-1 platform powered by AI that will help food trading companies manage their quality control. by:

1. Tracking shipments, with the potential to check images/quality reports at certain stages of the value chain.

2. Grading and classifying product images to satisfy customer needs and industry standards.

3. Recommending local suppliers and giving them "sustainability scores " depending on waste/seafood rejections, prioritising local suppliers and reducing transportation emissions

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Qtrace applies new quality grading systems to the most commonly traded seafood to reduce waste and improve profitability. It implements an AI image recognition platform that uses markers of seafood conditions to monitor seafood quality throughout the supply chain. We use data to inform decision-making in the process of procuring seafood.

What we do: Press Kit

We consider our values essential, this is why we always want to have them near us, and we love working without forgetting them. 

We believe in Trust,Transparency and Traceability,

These three values are the main points that create Qtrace.



Trust & respect are two core values that hold the Qtrace family together.


Suppliers and consumers deserve 100% transparency. We're bringing it to the table.


Understand when and where the product was produced by whom at any time


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